samedi 31 mai 2014

Springs rolls

Spring rolls, summer rolls, egg rolls or nem? Switching between French and English, describing Asian cuisine gets lost in translation.
And switching to German is even more complicated. 'Spring rolls' become 'summer rolls' and what we call spring rolls become 'nem'… get it?
Either way, Julius has been mastering the art of rolling (for whichever season you like), and he wanted you to know it.

In the rolls, he puts rice noodle angel hair, grated carrot, baby corn, cucumber, avocado slices, black sesame, chopped peanuts, and faux ground meat (texturized soy protein), wrapped and rolled in rice paper. My nose won't grow when I say the result is the real deal...

And since Julius has been feeling rather culinary lately, there are more than just a couple of pretty cool recipe-posts to come…


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