dimanche 3 mai 2015

The unbelieveable come-back

More than two months ago, the Claude-sans-cœur blog had been officially put on hold.
Julius and the Intern had lost their motivaion and desire to continue managing it.
Each went their respective way, away from Claude-sans-cœur, to concentrate on other things.

Julius spent a lot of time in the cabin with his good friend Jeffrey – a necessary return to true plush life, one with glow-in-the-dark stars glued to the ceiling and chocolate milk.
The Intern was photographing, wrinting, drawing, cutting, sewing, pedaling, grumbling, reading, listening, debating, coding. Hesitating to leave Berlin to return to her motherland or to venture further, to live some American dream, she in the end surrendered to her love of Beartown, with it’s dilapidated sidewalks, ironclad sunsets, and the taste of Club Mate.

And finally, after having directed their efforts elsewhere, after  preparing themselves for other projects, both  Julius and the Intern discovered new desire to write, take photos, and share a little whatever on the feed.
Step one, spruce up the blog, streamline and organise it.
Step two, share really anything at all, from the smallest of trifles to the most happening of happenings here at the studio.
Just as before, a blog with neither goal nor pretension, but one which  makes Julius laugh.
Spring has come again, and with it the insatiable urge to create, to look around, to change, and to relate a million things.

On the Claude-sans-cœur blog from this point forth, there will be: Doudou  philosophy, travel accounts, Julius’ fashion chronicles, good eats, whatever Chaussette is tinkering around with, and lot of Berlin.

Now, the english version on Claude-sans-coeur is easier to access: both french and english are on one same blog!
This one here has come to and end, now it all happens here!

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