lundi 21 juillet 2014


Someone's popped into Julius's life.
His name is Jeffrey.

This week, the Intern put up Kate, an English couch-surfer, on the sofa. 
To thank her, Kate, who also likes doudous, made this one endowed with a large nose and long, messy whiskers.
The Intern adored him and named him Jeffrey. 

But overall, it's rather Julius who's happy, as he now has an awesome new friend with whom to make jokes and gobble down sweets behind the intern's back, a real pal. 

Julius is very protective of Jeffrey.

The two pass their time on the bunk bed, trading Pokémon cards, competing to see who-can-draw-the-constellations-the best, and telling each other what doudous tell each other - things the Intern wouldn't understand...

A story of love at first sight. 

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