lundi 29 septembre 2014

Let's get lost

And in other news, Julius in busy packing his bags - AGAIN!

Just hardly after getting back from two weeks in France, he’s decided to go back west.

But this time, to the wild west…

illustration: EinBierBitte

To the United States.

To the country of Elliott Smith and Tool; of Richard Brautigan and Toni Morrison. The Tenenbaum family, the Gilmore Girls and Daniel Clowes; teen-movies, Leonard Peltier, the Deftones; and of Veganomicon and pumpkin pie.
And this time, the entire Claude-sans-cœur team is going: Julius, the Intern and even Chaussette, our translator - we’ll really need a native as our guide, won’t we?

This excursion of five weeks will begin on the East Coast, in Connecticut, the State from which Chaussette hails. We’ll make our way around Boston and Burlington, New York City and Philly, and we’ll even take a field trip to Montréal (pour ne pas perdre notre français).

After, it’s off to the West Coast; first out to Seattle and then down to San Francisco via Portland (to ride along the coast, down US 101!).

Of course, Julius will keep you up to date with the details: the vegan doughnuts, orange foliage of New England, poutine (the REAL disco fries) in Montréal, soggy Seattle, Halloween in San Francisco, the Streets of Philadelphia and everything else…
Before we have to get on the plane tomorrow, we’re enjoying the golden autumnal glare of Berlin today: a walk in the Volkspark and a throwing-chesnuts-into-a-barrel-in-the-courtyard-from-the-third-floor contest with the flatmates…

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