samedi 17 janvier 2015


It’s been a while… a long while.
Almost two months, actually.

The last time something had been posted, it was from the United States.
And after that, Julius and the Intern went back to Berlin. They got back to work hardcore, and back into the Berlin swing of things. Passing the time at full pace, they hadn’t even a moment to think about what should be on the blog.
They went to France. There was Christmas. There was the New Year.
There was Charlie.
And so, it wasn’t a question of time, but rather of willing to write anything.

And then Chaussette came back.

And so did Nono-Pimlico, our cat who had stayed in Troyes, but who now lives here with us. 

The team is all together again.
Little by little, the Claudes are getting it back together, themselves.

New ones will soon arrive at the studio. We’re probably going to dust this blog off a bit.
The Intern wants to get back to drawing and to yoga.
Julius wants to grow his hair out.

We’ll see.
Until then, the Claude-sans-cœur team is very happy to find you here again, and wishes you all a very good New Year…

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