vendredi 27 février 2015

Still alive

Yes, it's hard to believe, yet it's true: Claude-sans-coeur is still here.

Yes, it's also true: for some months now, this blog has been abandoned. Julius and the Intern, still in Berlin, may have lost a bit of the motivation it takes to keep it updated. They are busy with other things, they have their mind somewhere else.
 Meanwhile, Chaussette is still in the States for an indefinite length of time, because of visa problems, but that is another story...
Still, without our favourite translator, it is even harder to be motivated.

However, Berlin is slowly getting out of its winter numbness, sun is coming back and this is enough to make Julius and the Intern happy.
They even dusted off their Etsy shop, with still some Claudes to adopt, and even, now, little blankets! Because here at Claude-sans-coeur, we like things that are soft and comfy.

You can see that here:

So here it goes, we will probably write for the blog again, but not right now...
Meanwhile, if you miss us too much, you can still follow us on Pinterest (from time to time), Instagram (sometimes) and Facebook (occasionally) !

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