vendredi 31 octobre 2014

By the Intern

“Our voyage down the Left Coast began in Seattle, Washington. For me, having spent my teenage years listening to Pearl Jam and Nirvana, it was a sort of pilgrimage. I’ve been wanting to visit “The Grunge Capital” which thirteen years ago had seemed so far away from Normandie to me.”

“While visiting Bruce Lee’s grave in the Lake View Cemetery, we thought to ourselves that some of the deceased are lucky. Or in any case, they have a nice view.”

“We found colours everywhere, even in this defunct oil refinery turned park - where on that day, geese were there just chilling.”

“Julius wanted me to take a picture of him on top of the hand of the Fremont Troll, who hides under the Fremont Bridge. I told him that it was really touristic, but he thought it was really bad ass.”

“One night, while waiting for the bus, we took a walk with Chaussette in the covered market which was just closing up shop. The bright neon lights lit up the empty alleyways; it was strange and beautiful.”

“Along the locks in the Ballard neighbourhood, I would have almost believed myself to have been in the village of my youth - except that here, we were able to reach the lower level under the surface, and through thick glass, observe the salmon try to swim upstream.”

“We walked a lot.”

“We also stuffed ourselves with a gargantuan breakfast at a vegan diner. I could have cried."

“My heart skipped a few beats upon seeing the aisles of this bookshop. I could have wished to strike it rich to buy a good thousand of these books, and a good hundred years to read them all.”

"At the end of the day, in all seriousness, we tried just about everything at the Flying Apron, a gluten-free vegan bakery. Wow, was it good.”

'Thank you Julius, for letting me write my very own article. I’ll do it again whenever you want.”

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